I’m unsure of what I’ll even successfully accomplish. I blew off this semester and I intend to not let that happen twice. I worry about how dependable people percieve me as (which should be next to nothing).

I want to bring more hackers into this world. My essay in highschool was literally “How to Get More Hackers Out There”. The problem is, I’m not a minority and I don’t entirely get how I’m supposed to treat minorities in tech differently.

My solution has been: don’t. I have too much positive energy from anyone seeing their visual python run for the first time, or “hack” their homework website. regardless of who they are, they all inspire me. I wish there were more of them in the world and I’ll do anything to help them get there.

I want the world to be secure, but this doesn’t have the same passion level as teaching people how to code. The security-advisory part of me comes dead last if I were to be sincere about it, but I BUG THE HECK OUT OF YOU for you to get some form of encryption and at least understand the concepts. I literally copied a firefox profile with my public key, mailvelope, and duckduckgo onto /etc/skel so that the guest accounts on my family computer start with PGP crypto and a safe web browser.

Somehow this post died and I’ll have to reformat it later.