I hope that this month, among other months, can be three weeks of you doing something without being scared. This month is about you creating, about you trying or learning or practicing. This month is going to be great.

Oh Captain My Captain

Because I loved Dead Poet Society.

Kids: Coding Challenges!

Ask your parents or a sibling for help as you go through each of these challenges. Check them off as you get done with each one! Lets see you get to the finish!

  1. Log into khan accademy & do the hour of code!
  2. Log into codeccademy & learn how to build a webpage!
  3. use github to track and share your code for free, using Git.
  4. Build a webpage on c9.io, using their IDE (fancy text writer)!
  5. read about the different kinds of software licensing.
  6. Ask your parents if you can use the Twitter API. build a ruby twitter bot!
  7. If you’re lucky, get a raspberry pi, and copy the files you need onto an SD
  8. Learn how to research and write in wikipedia. Become a wikiholic.
  9. Try a free month of google’s cloud platform, after you have experience
  10. use a flashdrive to install linux on another hard drive
  11. learn how to root a phone, try sending commands from the computer
  12. use the monitor mode on a wifi card, hack WPS using reaver
  13. Make an ajax request to a node.js server
  14. write something in mysql or nosql
  15. Try to build something in Blender, or design something in the Unity game engine 16.