Be My Guest

I’ve decided it’s okay for me to onboard some users, for several reasons. Users provide complaints, as well as insights, into what I’m doing correctly, and what I should be doing. So I’d like to extend the inventation to you, to grab a user account from me.

I’ll be making every bit of the process easier as we go along, starting with a “self registration” page (no, I don’t even have that yet).

Feel free to make yourself at home, but do realize that it’s still just a playground until I get things completely working.

What should you expect?

Most of these are manually, via me right now (until I get them built correctly) But complain enough and I’ll be able to correctly prioritize how things should get done.

You’ll be able to bug me at my email, cell, or twitter handle and expect a response within 8 hours. I’d love to know what the pricing suggestions for this would be, initially I was thinking I’d foot half the bill of digital ocean and then you’d have twice the bang for your buck, but I obviously don’t make money with that approach. Ideas always welcome.

I’d love to be able to find a partner to work with on this project, I’ll accept help and will even pay or hire you for your suggestions/work. Mentors welcome, and benign hacking always appreciated (just don’t pwn it too well :3).