The Toxic Arcade is now Gallifreyan! That mean’s there’s no “c”, only “k”. This means that you’ll find the site under @thetoxikarkade on twitter. This is a great chance to seperate branding and make it a catchy title.

It’s also a great chance to rebrand the site. We’re pulling on a collaboration of authors and it’s tough to find people who want to write anything. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep the site fresh enough to allow newcomers a chance to see great content and flourishing talent expand their horizons.

What’s the content we love to hear? From personal experience, I love content from people who said “screw the rules”, and ignored the doubters. Just because someone’s already doing it, doesn’t mean that you can’t make a valuable change to the way it’s being done. I love hearing new, insightful content, especially when it concerns how things function in our new digital world.