The Toxik Arkade has been a tittle to recount my history: the friends I’ve met, the mentors who inspired me, the mistakes I’ve made. The Toxik Arkade is more than my history, it is also my dreams of the future (in the form of a private book), and my promise to the world. There simply isn’t anything else that I could be more passionate about.

My Ongoing mission

I will research, develop, and promote technologies that make security by design usable and shared. I will enpower decentralization, foster young talent, inform insecure users, and help strengthen the world against the powerful.


based strongly on the pirate party and other organizations like the EFF


I will promote the appropriate levels of exposure to one’s personal life. I will help rising young adults thrive in their new digital world.


I will strive to write all of my code in a copyleft license. I believe that sharing code fosters creativity and community, while trimming bugs and increasing features and choice. I understand that some projects become neglected and underfunded but have confidence in an open world.


I will encourage the securest communication that my communique is capable of using. I feel inspired to help make security user friendly and accessible to anyone, and believe in “prevention, not paranoia”.


I believe in technology that prevents any one person from controlling bottlenecks. I believe in removing the bottlenecks of control, wherever they may be, and increasing the transparency of any network or organization.

Rising Stars

I am amazed at what talent new artists are capable of possessing. I will boost talented artists (a wide term) in any medium. I believe in the independant artist, and I love the hubs and communities that can develop from them.

The “I Will” section

Less enthused about this stuff… It’s just… less… me.

In One Week

I will catch up and remain caught up in my workloads. I will reward myself for completing tasks.

In One Month

In Two Years

I will complete my collegiate studies in Computer Science, Technical Theater, and will pursue Computer Engineering as an international study. I will continue to volunteer for the Theater board until I leave my hometown, at which point I will concern myself soley with software. I will develop a portfolio of apps to fulfill mine and others needs, and will work to build my professional account.

In Ten Years

I will produce a working pay-as-you-like service for

In My Lifetime