I’ve flopped the resume to Scruff by simply sending a cover-letter, and probably just did that again with terrene as well. The thing is… they use a django-vue-docker stack, the same as me! Nuna would also be amazing, as would RedLegg (security). Getting turned down by Evasive Space (another hacking/security place, in colorado-somplace/laramie)

So much of this seems to be coming down to how unprofessional I end up looking and acting, skills be damned. I remember wandering into the hospital and leaving an application with HR while unshaven and just off graveyard shift at walmart. Even though it makes it hard to think, prepare, or sleep, I’ve GOT to step up my game with the resumes.

Even with that, I’m still bookmarking so many cool things to study, build with, or write about. Finding the time and focus to do so is the crux of the problem.

I’ll be taking one of two tracks. Assuming I don’t get a badass remote job developing, I’m applying to UWyo again after a year (speaking of which, the 23rd will have been a year since the car crash), and a federal loan. Gym will be one of the perks that I can’t pass off, as well as medicating myself again for shaking/focus.

If I get so much as a nibble, I don’t want to repeat my past mistakes. So long as it’s going to offer enough work, and I’ll learn from it, I intend to rock it. School can move to part time if needed, or I’ll stay up late nights working on both. If that happens, I’ll anhiliate those loans.

bla bla bla me stuff.

Company wise, the logic for registrations & logins is built into the django-rest half of the application, but the vue end needs updating.

I’ve settled on much of the business values/logic/pricing, from my personal mission to not self-censor, to learning everything about being a better dev. Honestly, that project cuts away from some businesses and personal use, but if they wanted things closed source, they just pay more for it.

Vacation should be the 23-28 of May. lots of relaxing, & time to decompress. It’s not a time to write code, however. I’ve learned that lesson on having a vacation be an actual vacation.

Later on in the summer I’ve got cute couple photoshoots, pride parades, and seeing old friends again. The summer should be pretty good.

and the TARDIS is back! That car that I totalled by rear-ending someone the 23rd of last year. Lots of repair work by my brother in auto class.

Government, Cybersecurity, and policy wise is an “OH SHIT” moment. Lots of the security things I need to honestly study up more on, instead of claiming I know anything about them.

The government stuff just makes me realize how much it turns people into scum.