Exciting news, as I approach midterms within @CentralWY’s semester. I just went to UWyo and System76. I’ve met with key people who can help me find a job and research at UW. Isn’t that exciting?

#Friday’s trip I couldn’t sleep, and drove to UWyo via my parent’s mode of locomotion. I stopped at UWyo in Laramie, Wyoming. Coincidentally, cell service sucks between lander’s and rawlin’s junctions. I talked with the faculty and found my advisor. I located faculty willing to be a PI (Principal Investigator) for my supercomputer research.

I also stopped over at the IT department, and though I couldn’t find my original contact, his boss had a few minutes to discuss just who I’d talk to to get projects approved. Even better, he said there could be an intern position!

Next, I headed over to colorado, and I really enjoyed denver’s skyline. Their nightlife had a lot of vapor pens, which have really annoying smells, regardless of the substance. I found the correct office, thankfully.

The Ubuntu meeting was stellar, @System76 is a wonderful company of around 9 people who design, and more importantly, use, computers that run Ubuntu in mac-esque quality. I’m trying to fundraise for one, here.

#Saturday’s Events I drove rapidly from that event, to get back for crewing. I loved that team and would have adored staying longer with them, but I only got two hours of sleep on the road.

My parent’s data cuts out after midnight, and so I screenshoted the instructions. I wandered a little aimlessly on low gas until I reached an outpost. Turns out, that was laramie (“third street? doesn’t that seem familiar?”). I found my way fine from then on, with the signs.

I had a parking ticket from the afternoon, and I slept on the road, which dispatched a patrolman to check on me. By that time, I was booking it at 80mph, and got another ticket.

We crewed seven brides for seven brothers, and I have to say it was wonderful technology. I helped the audio/lights set up, but was termed “talented” and “special” for being the bottom feeder doing the main curtain during show, by a not-altogether-cross backstage crew-manager.

I really liked the stage manager, all the other managers were very nice.

I accidentally left an elivator key with the crewmen, I don’t know if I’ll get busted horribly for that one. Many accidental things.

#This Month I have to catch up on my math homework. I’ve got the road plan under me, and everything that hashed out in the last few weeks is just past and done.

I’m hoping to fund that laptop, but that requires a great deal more promotion; I’ll have to make a video for it, at minimum.

I need to register for classes. I have the schedule, and people can help me as needed.

I have a research project and a game to build, along with community obligations. Thank goodness that I can filter due dates on my calendar and task lists.

#This Semester

Assuming everything pans out correctly, I’ll get more out of my studies than the actual grade will present. I hope that I’ll become a well-oiled studying machine: gpa doesn’t accumulate through transfers.

Any grade that I start with at UWyo is just initial, and that summer can calculate my new GPA for all scholarships.

I hope that I finish writing that game and research project.

I’m also traveling to London. Yup.


Just before the summer starts, I’ll be hunting furiously for a job.


Hopefully everything went well and I have a good job. My goal is to pay for the expenses I don’t cover right now: Cell, Medical, and Automotive.

Potentially, I could exchange to QUT in late july to november, or late february to late june. That depends on my spring GPA.


In august, I’ll hope to have ironed out my plans outside of UWyo.

#Fall Semester

That fall semester, unless it’s at QUT, is going to be the death of me.