Many things about Ubuntu tick me off. I almost lose my head day after day with bugs (I really shouldn’t, QA is about alerting people about bugs as nicely as possible). Anyways, here are some reasons I may just up and switch back to Linux Mint or Fedora:

Different Desktop Support

Fedora lets you install Cinnamon, Gnome Shell, Unity, and Gnome2 for goodness sakes. Linux Mint actually has a desktop that makes sense. I may just lose my head from the belief that we can’t support a desktop as part of the main release, we apparently have to seperate into camps (WHICH IS A BAD IDEA, IT THINS OUT SUPPORT AND THE USERS).

Ubuntu has another desktop to concentrate on, but damn it, please just support the different desktops properly for once. Or, Optionally, get your shit together. <.<

Themes (and lots of them)

Cinnamon is amazing at this. They provide lots of themes, among them, my personal die hard favorite is Holo transparent (I install Holo edited to set my window skins to ‘Holo(By Bownz)’ to get the wonderful black and neat icons.

Settings Managers that make sense

The brightness management in Ubuntu disobeys me. I am switching, because this one is the last straw. You have a checkbox, but it certainly doesn’t obey the fact that it’s not selected.

Your wireless settings management is confusing. Mint does it better. Mind me saying that you should use that code? I would like to switch the proxy settings for my network by looking for it on the wireless icon, not finding it in system settings under an obscure name.

Your network drives dialog doesn’t make sense, either. I should be able to use a dropdown, like I do in cinnamon, to autopopulate the password, protocol, port number, etc.

Speed and reliability of said file manager

Nautilus crashes with large amounts of pictures in a folder named after the sha1sum of their content. Cinnamon’s Nemo, doesn’t.

For that matter, the package manager for Linux Mint made a hell of a lot more sense and made legitimate improvements that I would love to see implemented :)

By default, don’t screw the users

Amazon should not be by default, searching the internet should not be by default. Damn you, put that in ubiquity so people notice at least.

There are no advanced settings to view that from your system settings. You’re screwing us with simplicity, or really, screwing us with a bare system. I can see lots of things done better that aren’t even complex. Be complex, not complicated, or be simple and not starving.