The Ubuntu Summit is happening!! This event runs on the internet from the 12th through the 14th and includes various google hangouts to make sure everybody gets the opportunity to get on the same page and get pumped about making ubuntu.

I decided to develop a desktop app a week before I turned 19. Sailworthy started in the Glade IDE in Cpp and included jsoncpp to handle data from I learned how to make a bare makefile and how to link libraries, and was disappointed that most of what was in anjuta wasn’t mine, it was the compiler’s. After much frustration, I found the alternative IDE anjuta, python with PyGtk, and python comes with its own json library.

Recently, for a job interview, I crammed and tried learning how to use bazaar and the packaging utilities to upload my project to a ppa. Needless to say, I learned a lot about packaging and bazaar in the process, but misplaced the package in the ppa:

Code is wonderful when it’s stressful because of the small successes you get out of it. While cramming wasn’t the best thing to do for that job interview, I’ll continue to work on various projects during my collegiate career.

I was on Fedora for a good portion of two months, trying it out. I found where various package manager git URLS were for my TARDIS project, and tried out gentoo for two evenings to learn the caveats of chrooting. Basically TARDIS would let you run an application from any distribution.

Fedora is wonderful but needs external repos enabled, and has a slow transaction speed. Ubuntu has fast transactions but annoying metapackages. Gentoo makes you start from a sum total of zero (okay, it makes you feel really good about yourself but I didn’t get a gui).

I’ve started testdriving ubuntu’s Vivid image, and I hope to catch up with the QA team on their projects. If I can, I want to branch out to Ubuntu, Mint, Peppermint, Fedora, and Gentoo simultaniously. I already have contacts with Ubuntu and Peppermint.

To get a position as a member of the Ubuntu community (you know, [email protected]), it has to be earned, and my karma starts from zero:

Package development is easy so long as:

  • the device has adequate space
  • the environment has adequate tools
  • ISOs are easily googleable
  • there is an existing wealth of documentation

I’ll correct that package (grrrrrr bzr…) and break vivid images soon.

I have a project for a friend and myself due in 23 days involving node.js and a restful api. I need to create image uploads, previews, webrtc connections, chat, push notifications, and a userbase schema. I have lots of ideas and lots of places where I don’t know where to start, but it should be fun.

I’ll be continuing this post later.