It has come to my attention that I really don’t have time for some of the projects I wish I had. Things I wish would make my life easier, maintenance for this blog, code in general, etc. If you have any interest in making a little cash and can solve any of my problems here, you’re welcome to reach out to me.

All of these things are paid items

Rooting my Phone

It has come to my attention that my Android 4.1.2 LG Lucid 3 from Verizon really sucks. In addition, I have good reason to believe that it is bugged right now with spyware, and I’d like to have it rooted. I’ve struggled through this one and I’d love to have someone clue me in on a foolproof root.

Cloud9 IDE on TTA

I’d love to have a full ACE editor on my blog. If you’re familiar with how node.js works, I require assistance (And don’t have the time) to get it up and running. I’d like to use github oauth from connect.js, if you don’t mind. I also would like it to be multi user, so I can charge users for using up space/energy (to help pay you back).

Simplistic ACE editor for jekyll posts (if not c9)

I’ll settle for a simplistic post editor, too. Remember this is a Jekyll blog with a node.js backend, so it’s not going to be a php solution.

Mailserver on TTA

I would love for someone to help create a mailserver on the clearnet IP.

Move to bower/meteor and bootstrap

Please help me migrate to bower/meteor (I think) and bootstrap. It’s not working, and I have classes right now and don’t really care.

Bitcoin on node.js

Bitcoin api or whatever? I’ll pay!

Torrents on node.js

I would love to track torrents from my server.

keyserver on node.js

Simplistic keyserver. if you can use’s API and want more money, more power to you.

Apt server on node.js

I’d love it if you’d preconfigure it to clone debian, ubuntu, kali, and mint.

Things that won’t become other people’s projects:


Gallifrey is a source code version control thing that I’ll work on by myself


that project is also mostly my code, for an AACS style flag of an .onion url within firefox (yay, xul)


an openweathermap api app with gtk (cpp, json, openlayers.js headaches, etc).