Politics are weird. Here’s a proposal for a political party, the Friend Party, that mixes the theories we strive for with the practicalities of our capability at present.

Related: redesigning the US constitution.

rough draft.

In Brief

F/P believes in a fiscally responsible, service-providing, representative, operational government.


  • I’m pretty liberal, so I watch Vox, Adam Ruins Everything, & Last Week Tonight, the “life is terrible, here’s why” publications.
  • I talk with people who watch (& can stand) Prager, Fox Business,


  • corporations are no longer people, campaign funds are distributed equally between candidates of all parties (.2%+)
  • 2-permit gun system (hunting or recreation and shooter or combat, permits) replaces 2nd ammendment
  • studies on gun violence to be conducted, registration and regular training for owners
  • mandatory voting, better absentee ballots
  • Microfabrication and restructured patents replace infinite copyright trolls
  • Government Provided return free filing replaces tax filing industries
  • Renewables industries replace oil, gas & coal
  • paperless regulations & modern data security laws to reduce paper consumption
  • severe restrictions on single-use plastic, funding recycling centers for circular economies
  • “under god” to be removed from pledge of allegiance (non-religious country…)
  • no-one is above the law
  • a “right to privacy” ammendment to the constition
  • any large public infrastructure or services must be held accountable (the same as the government)
  • fear-mongering is not tolerated
  • all government income and expendatures to be public
  • taxes for a particular fund, as enumerated, cannot be removed from that fund (partitioned)
  • single equation tax function, ae^bx+c, % of collection goes to partitions within tax funds
  • discrimination to be fought against
  • police militarization to be reduced
  • pay off national debt, move monetary organs to federally owned ones
  • fight climate change to improve national security
  • remove sodomy laws, fight against blasphemy laws internationally
  • stop all participation in wars
  • defend our country’s infrastructure from attackers
  • access to services based on citizenship (or residency, in the case of emergency services)
  • protection of rights even when a guest to this country
  • reduce mandatory sentancing laws
  • force oil companies to provide environmental cleanup (free)
  • force drug companies to provide rehabilitation (free)
  • reduce direct to consumer drug advertising
  • publicize master-lists for hospitals
  • fight against deep-fakes
  • set drinking age, voting age, and conscription age to the same thing.
  • fight human trafficking
  • allow free migration (or strive towards it)
  • become a neutral country or at least non-interventionist
  • support feminism and gender equality
  • believe in decentralization
  • support science and the scientific method
  • take a class in statistics before running for office
  • read bills before advocating for them
  • fight against gerrymandering (shortest-splitline + multiple seats, efficiency gap throw-out, isopermetric quotient)
  • outlaw lobbying
  • reduce infringment of rights because of the war on terror and terror histeria
  • limit political terms, including a 45 year term for supreme court justices
  • grant statehood to US territories, allow large US states to split
  • reproductive rights to be defended
  • healthcare as a universal single-payer option that isn’t hampered or crippled
  • not supporting any country that hurts minorities (think bombs, poisons, massacres…)
  • support the freedom of the press
  • allow for the inspection of all nuclear facilities, and reduction of nuclear stockpiles
  • proactively address climate change
  • support disabilities (readability of government resources, ADA compliance)
  • criminals who served their term (for non-violent offenses) automatically have voting rights reinstated
  • ballot machines must be public code, and all ballots must be physically counted
  • well-funded public education, free access to preschool through university depending on financial situation
  • campaign finance reform, electoral reform
  • remove death penalty, torture
  • protect consumers from predatory lending
  • reduce sugar, salt, and vanilla in products (high fructose corn syrup for example)
  • genetic patenting restrictions, etc.
  • make gambling illegal except for charity (poor mans tax)
  • campaign to reduce smoking deaths, make drinking more responsible
  • fight drug epidemic
  • vacinate kids
  • allow applications for citizenship to occur online (no need to come to the USA)
  • remove english as the “national language” (because it’s gross)
  • allow unions, and crack down on companies that restrict them
  • higher minimum wage
  • legalize marijuana (can still restrict armed forces / CIA from applying)
  • protect LGBT rights
  • unisex bathrooms in government buildings
  • serve veterans better
  • prosecute hateful speech that incites violence
  • moderate public online communities
  • allow for net neutrality, protect internet freedom worldwide
  • allow strong encryption
  • stop warrantless surveillance
  • stop secret courts, secret orders
  • fund cheap public transit

Compared To

Republicans / GOP






If you have any feedback, including new ideas or criticism for existing ones, feel free to tweet @toxik_io about it :).