Reasons to hire me. (see also, reasons not to hire me)

  • I can:
    • Write unit-tested python code
    • Report on the news
    • Schedule sales meetings
  • I like:
    • Operating Systems
    • APIs
    • Security

Probably should write more on the page, considering it’s live..

for general information, see the /about/ page. Be sure to check out /hire/skills/ for some random things I know about!

My name is Cameron Whiting, I’m a software dev and amature journalist. I’ve worked lots of things, from remotely helping sales teams to night shift at Wal-Mart. For linkedin information, see here.

hey, boss, in addition to the written stuff, let’s add a JS map of why I fit the bill..

Say you’re in need of a website that saves things or does some sort of heavy lifting (mobile apps need their servers). Got ya covered.

Have an existing codebase that you want tested? (Oh, I suppose the response above fits better)

Do you like investigative work, and want a programmer to improve your life?

Well, good news.

I’ll certainly try to apply myself at the job.

Incredibly Persuasive Statement

Something, Something, Something, Dark Side

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

… live stuff sucks sometimes…