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Womens March

Me at the March

Took a trip over to Cheyenne for the Womens March. Twitter Playlist here.

Lots of good slogans, will update this post as I find the exact quotes.

Also helped in response to a double-semi crash.

Wyoming house bills updates from the @WyoDems:


  • HB116 - bans abortion after 20 weeks
  • HB132 - reports all abortions to the state
  • HB182 - invasive ultrasound requirement
  • HB135 - exempts LGBT protections in state
  • HB136/137 - weapons in UW classrooms / public buildings
  • HB167 - photo ID law


  • HB9 - UW student digital rights
  • HB62 - immunity for reporting drug overdoses
  • HB46 - vote-by-mail
  • HB75 - restores vote after serving time
  • HB76 - native american heritage / tribes
  • HB160 - waiting period for handguns (suicide prevention)
  • HB168 - tobacco tax (proceeds to schools)
  • HB209 - update study on gender wage gap
  • SF116 - medicaid
  • SF115 - poison/shoot pets == offense

Async Madness

These past few days have been restructuring the theoretical query language and simplifying documentation, as well as adding small components and their tests. I had a debacle with deferreds and yield, I can’t honestly know what that loop is doing but personally, it feels wrong. Shouldn’t I have a class variable holding the redis connection? class RedisFuncts(): __init__ self.redis_conn = new_redis_stuff get() self.redis_conn.get() VS @deferred.ignore_inlines def get(): conn = yield new_redis_stuff conn. [Read More]


All Or Nothing Transform - Fernet with hash xor as padding! Today, I messed around with some OAEP/AONT style crypto. Specifically, a hash of the encrypted content, xored with the key. Then, you must retrieve all of the content and key to hash out the xor of the key. That said, this is a pretty good padding method, where you need to pull all of the packets to retrieve the content itself. [Read More]

Ubuntu Summit

The Ubuntu Summit is happening!! This event runs on the internet from the 12th through the 14th and includes various google hangouts to make sure everybody gets the opportunity to get on the same page and get pumped about making ubuntu. I decided to develop a desktop app a week before I turned 19. Sailworthy started in the Glade IDE in Cpp and included jsoncpp to handle data from I learned how to make a bare makefile and how to link libraries, and was disappointed that most of what was in anjuta wasn’t mine, it was the compiler’s. [Read More]

Contractual Labour

It has come to my attention that I really don’t have time for some of the projects I wish I had. Things I wish would make my life easier, maintenance for this blog, code in general, etc. If you have any interest in making a little cash and can solve any of my problems here, you’re welcome to reach out to me. All of these things are paid items Rooting my Phone It has come to my attention that my Android 4. [Read More]

Pacem rough draft

A very initial rough draft of a latin poem I’m making against war logic. adulescens de bellum, Quos ego loquor ad te, Non, opinor, in occidendo. Non, opinor, in bello Non, opinor, in crudelitatem. in quo est mortem? in diversis diis no creditis? varias regiones non creditis? putatis diversarum opum in? et in prodigiis, ut non possis intelligere inestimabili? vereris? vereris illa quae sunt diversae? quod mundus metuis non est bonum non veritus deus mundum non veritus imperium mundum non veritus potest mundum tuus deus est timore tuus imperium est timor tuus potuit est timor quid est vitae in? [Read More]

Many things about Ubuntu tick me off. I almost lose my head day after day with bugs (I really shouldn’t, QA is about alerting people about bugs as nicely as possible). Anyways, here are some reasons I may just up and switch back to Linux Mint or Fedora: Different Desktop Support Fedora lets you install Cinnamon, Gnome Shell, Unity, and Gnome2 for goodness sakes. Linux Mint actually has a desktop that makes sense. [Read More]

Exciting news, as I approach midterms within @CentralWY’s semester. I just went to UWyo and System76. I’ve met with key people who can help me find a job and research at UW. Isn’t that exciting? #Friday’s trip I couldn’t sleep, and drove to UWyo via my parent’s mode of locomotion. I stopped at UWyo in Laramie, Wyoming. Coincidentally, cell service sucks between lander’s and rawlin’s junctions. I talked with the faculty and found my advisor. [Read More]