Sexual Assault Stories #MeToo

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From Roger Ailes to Harvy Weinstein, we’ve reached a collective point where people seem to say “it’s not in our group”, only to realize someone with power and backwards ideas about women has harassed them in that group, too.

The author of the Huffington Post’s piece, Laura Bassett, details a male journalist who sexualized her in the dressing room, objectifying her, and then talk about Trump’s sexual alligations without batting an eye. I encourage you to read her piece.

Questions to answer:

  1. Wait.. Roger Ailes?
  2. Harvey Weinstein?
  3. Aren’t they all just after cash?
  4. Men need to stop objectifing women. Not a question.

2. The Harvey Weinstein thing.

Okay, but this is only a republican thing? Right? - No, apparently men being dicks goes across the political spectrum. Harvey Weinstein, a hollywood producer, has been accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

The LA times calls him a movie mogul. In their October 24 piece, they detail Mimi Haleyi’s press conference about when she was sexually assaulted by him in 2006, in New York.

In adition to Mimi, Dominique Huett talked about the 2010 event she endured in Beverly Hills. She’s suing the company itself for negligence.

This is a bit of an old story, as we’ve had enough pieces to detail half a dozen accusers and “more than 50 women” who detailed, but didn’t accuse weinstein in a court.

The company appears to be at the mercy of a private equity firm, Colony Capital, which provided it financial aide (also detailing the size of the operation as a “New York mini-studio”)

Haleyi’s press conference at a hotel in manhattan detailed a visit to his apartment, Weinstein advancing on her, which she fought off, and him forcing himself on her, performing oral sex. In an attempt to deter him, she had said she was menstrating.

The place appeared to be some sort of kid’s room (with kids drawings on the wall), according to the LA Time’s piece.

but, nbc decided to not throw a story about it, or late night shows jokes about it nbc, mayyybe, late night shows, no.

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