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GW170817 - the designation for the signal of two merging neutron stars, was observed by LIGO (Hanford/Livingston) and Virgo, as well as EM telescopes, on August 17, 12:41:04 UTC.

This observation is significant because the gravitational waves were followed by the detection of a gamma ray burst.

The signal itself lasts longer with two neutron stars compared to two black holes, so the amount of time for which it’s within LIGO’s detection range is stronger.

PBS’s Space Time explains how they narrowed down the region in the sky to locate the galaxy in which this happened. They trained telescopes in that area and found a galaxy 130 million light years away.

In the observations they found the fingerprints of (notably) heavy elements like gold, silver, and platinum, which had been proposed previously to be forged in such explosions.


Technology Mishap - Palestine w Facebook

Kinda hard to not say this word for word

Sky news reports a man was arrested by Israeli police after writing ‘Good Morning’ on Facebook.

The man in question is Palestinian builder Halawim Halawi, from Beitar Ilit.

Yotam Berger for Haaretz reports that “no Arabic-speaking police officer read the post before arresting the man”. The Judea & Samaria District police took the post and a photo of the man standing next to a bulldozer with suspicion.

Upon questioning, the police realized their mistake and released the man.


Spain to remove Catalonia’s leadership

Raphael Minder for the New York Times reports that Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced he will remove the autonomy of Catalonia’s regional government (one of 17 regions within spain).

This occured after an emergency cabinet meeting should try to get notifications for those..., and is the first invocation of Article 155 of the spanish consitution.

Spain hasn’t experienced anything this serious since swapping from a dictator (General Francisco Franco, to democracy in 1975).

The piece described the region as prosperous, which seemed to be what twitter thought of it. will have to look up how the economic resources differ.

The vote occured on October 1st, a vote which was declared illegal by both the spanish government assuming the parliament here, and the courts.

The central government will probably take over the police force and the Catalan center for telecomunications but will Tor still be operational?.

Earlier in the week, a judge from the national court gave two seperatist leaders prison without bail, pending their sedition trial.


Coalition forces declare victory in Raqqa

in 2015, ISIL fortified Raqqa with bunkers and tunnels. With the coalition forces closing in, by June 2017, Raqqa was the only major Syrian city fully under ISIL control.

SDF launched a campaign on the 6th of November 2016 to capture it. Up to 500 US Special Forces were in northern Syria, supplying heavy weapons, intelligence, and communications.

Evidently, ISIL had a bombing drone.

The last two places to fall, on the 17th of October, were the National Hospital and an ISIL held stadium.

Remaining to be done is some mine clearing and removing some possible Daesh (ISIS) sleeper cells, and then they can formally declare victory.

“Daesh lost most of it’s territory in Syria and Iraq this year” writes the Daily Star / Reuters.

“A Reuters witness said militia fighters celebrated in the streets, chanting slogans from their cars”

The SDF’s two strongest militias, the Kurdish YPG, and the female counterpart, YPJ, waved flags in the stadium.

80% of Raqqa is uninhabitable after the battle, according to the UN. AMN News is critical of the US’s double standard on terror at home while bombing other country’s civilians.


Japanese General Election - Snap Election

Justin McCurry from the Guardian writes that Shinzo Abe called an early election because of timing.

The strong point for Abe (and Up First @ NPR seemed to agree with this) is that he’s hard line when it comes to North Korea’s missle / nuclear programs.


US District Judge blocks 3rd version of President Trump’s Travel Ban

The block occured on Tuesday enter date here with Derrick Watson in Hawaii, and Wednesday in Maryland with Theodore D. Chuang, calling it an “inextricable re-animation of the twice-enjoined Muslim ban.”

The critique is that the current one discriminates on nationality without providing “…sufficient findings that the entry of more than 150 million nationals from six specified countries would be ‘detrimental to the interests of the united states’”.

Naureen Shah of Amnesty International said in a statement that “This cruel and bigoted ban remains as senseless as ever”

yes I know that’s reversed from how it’s supposed to flow.


Your wifi is KRACK’ed - What?

After discovering the attack and revealing it in confidence on May 19th, and submiting it to the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) on August 28, They’ve finally publicly disclosed the attack on Monday.

OpenBSD released a patch on August 30th, which could have tipped off hackers about the vulnerability before other companies were ready to act.

Patches for Android will be available on November 6th, Apple has patched beta versions of iOS, macOS, etc.

A study in the Association for Computing Machinery’s Computer and Communications Security conference is scheduled for November 1st.

there's a few good explainer videos on youtube...