Software Map

Mull/ThermiteOS is a playpen OS. This is different from my prebuilt / prefered config iso, sOS (bahahahahaha).

visit /map/links if you just want project names.

it contains some fundimentals:

  • scheduling kernel (Thermite,Temper,Muon,&Censor)
  • database / FS (Malform)
  • compiler / runtime (NullTernary & Undead)
  • network (Geiger)
  • bootstrap compile scripts (Xeno)
  • bootloader (Posess)

as well as some funner things:

  • UI (Haunt)
  • public cloud scaling (Naraka)
  • compat layer (linux/browser talking to M/T) (Charon)
  • AI coder / transcompiler (Coffin)

Honestly, won’t be able to combine every database model (for example, REDIS with hadoop, or postgres with bigtable), but it would be nice to look at building a good database for the purposes of the system. Same with the rest of the packages.

There should be a process for deciding which side of something is more important (i.e., complexity vs speed)

  • Thermite - kernel/hypervisor/federated-MP
    • like: rancher, mesos DC/OS, triton, redox, intermezzos, mac-osx kernel, LFS-docker, alpine, coreOS
    • Temper - risc64 modules
    • Muon - scheduler
      • SMPC, quorum consensus, (non)Premptive Process Migration, checkpointing run-on-ram, sockets, addresses, live transform-upgrade state equations
    • Censor - resource allocator
      • resources, keys, secrets, modules, N/COMA, ASLR, KKARL, PAX, POE, NX
  • Undead - runtime
    • sandboxing, API calls, namespacing
    • like: docker, rkt, subuser, chroot (similar img compat)
  • Malform - DB
    • FS, journal, replicate, COW, Union, Ver, ACID, BASE, key, RAM, NoSQL, Graph, GIS, Git/Dat, Consensus (quorum,DHT,blockchain), stream, secure-erase, headless-LUKS, rubberhose/gnunet, IPFS/0net, massive availability, rollback
    • contains: (code, config, state, data)
    • like: dat (db), git, hadoop, redis, postgres
    • commands: DISTINCT, ORDER BY, base/acid mode,
    • acts as: FS, pkgmgr, repositories
  • Geiger - network
    • (endpoints, heuristic/metadata obfuscation, forward-secure, quantum, DHT, rev-proxy, load-balance, mirroring, streaming, torrenting)
    • contains: (SMPC/migrations/SMI, cluster/swarm, physical, exports)
    • does not contain: wifi drivers
    • like: torrent, tor, ipfs, dat (networking)
  • Haunt - ui
    • WYSIWYG shell, cinnamon, monitor, graphs, logs, x11/mir
  • \0? - compiler
    • optimize, strip, obfuscate/pristine, link-lib/uni-lib (perm,mut,scope,PIE,B/O,stack-smash), transcompile
    • like: rust, golang, python, ruby
  • Naraka - Terraform/Kubernetes/Machine public cloud
    • CI/CD/avail/health/metrics/logs/scale/repoduce
  • Charon - compat layer
    • HTTP/SSH/JS/HTML/graphql
    • like: firefox/chrome compat, atom/cloud9
  • Posess - bootloader/netboot
  • Xeno - CLI/ISO
  • Coffin - AI Coder