Whereas I’ve basically lost all scholarships, and will need to use the last of my external resources to fund this semester, I’ve written a study contact for this year. It details the expected needs and events to occur, and how I will deal with each event as it arises.

Course load is too large

I will consider dropping anything that isn’t Statistics or Calculus, because of the linear nature of my degree’s math program.

Course load is easy

I will take physics, art, and humanities courses online through wyclass, to graduate ASAP with the associates.

I run low on funding for food

I will use parental funding for food the next month, and will grab food from the pantry on my next visit. Funds toward college payments will be made up in later months


I will take all assignments due on sundays and complete them on the monday before they are due. I will then let them sit until I need to submit them.


Chapter review will include essays written here, to provide concepts/personal research into things, as well as helping literacy/familiarity in the subjects. I will write one review a day on any subject to keep my writing skills honed.


I will drive twice monthly, one trip for the board meeting of the LCCA, and one trip to walmart, max. I will fund my own gas as soon as feasible. Trips up to the distance of federal bolivard can be taken on my bike.

Funding external projects

I will pay for projects (I.E. the trailer hitch welding) at the end of any pay period using a maximum of 30% of my wages ($132 for previous checks). All accounts payable for projects will be paid off in full at the end of each month.

College payments

All college payments will be paid their full balence each month. I will minimze all costs incurred to lower the amount to be paid (swapped from expensive to cheaper housing).

Savings, Charity

I will invest $50 each month, and will gladly donate $25 each month (I paid gnome after all, and there are much better things than gnome). The investment will be retrievable upon UWyo or QUT institutional expenses only. My charity goal is to one day pay market value for things that are given to me freely.

Developer tools

I will pay 7.5 maximum a month to digitalocean, therefore if I have two droplets, donations will need to cover the other $2.5. I don’t feel it necissary to pay for other tools, but did pay for a domain name at $30, twice the cheapest rate.


I will work on a maximum of two code projects at once. At current standing, I have an IDE, a collaboration tool, a video game, a proxy, hosting, and a bug performance chart. I have on hold some xul and a package manager experiment.


I will avoid binging more than $4 on snacks per week. I will exercise three days a week, twice a day, to include 10 more reps in the sets of exercises I do. I will add 4 new items to do sets on. I will bike at least 20 minutes or run at least 10. If I’m exercising that day, I can eat 4 “plates” a day. If I am not exercising, I can eat 3 “plates” a day. I will purchase groceries after febuary to include chicken, beef, fresh vegtables, and canned fruit.

Expenses/calory documentation

I will document my expenses per dollar, item, minute, calories, carbs, and proteins. These expenses will remain documented on physical media as well as personal and saas implementations.


I will submit my (dismal) transcript to the transfer cordinator at the CAL lab. I will prepare for admision to UWyo if my gpa moves from a 2.4 to a 2.5, and will once again discuss student projects with @uwyocosci and @qutscieng staff members via email or phone after classes resume on January 12.


I will review one tutorial on how to do something better every week. Tutorials can be on any technology related item, probably to cover gitimmersion (needs revisiting), docker containers, iptables rules, etc.


I will continue writing in my journal every other day, to include exciting developments in my interesting life. I will continue meditation every evening. Fuck religion.

Professional Networking

Seeing as I have nothing to give any professional as far as completed items, I don’t have any way to prove myself or show off. One of the best things to do would be to finalize the items and then possibly mail a card when it’s finished (I don’t know, I like cards). I don’t have anything that people would value as work, and still don’t stand a chance.


I will intern at a company so long as it is paid. I don’t have time or money to do anything else. Literally no company can bargain any certification or skill, excepting guarentee of employment.


Let’s get more hackers out there! I will continue challenging my family members with easy to understand computer concepts (I know they don’t like me for this). I will reconnect with all relevant tech people at the highschool and middleschool, and will play around with youtube videos that explain or help with things.


I really didn’t have a set policy for this last year regarding gifting/service. I really suck at fixing things, and most of my gifts are second hand. I won’t hold it against myself for any repair or gift that I give to someone. I know it’s shotty and I won’t paint the picture any other way. I’m no professional.

Terms of use for stuff

Have at it, ask me for things, so long as:

I will obey these rules as well. Expect me to:

Friend Project Policy

I will work on your stuff, so long as: