To persuade at the end of my speech the audience will be able to be inspired to use linux, and know where to go to find it.

how many people here use mac? alright how many people use windows? how many people use something else?

alright im here to talk about linux, which could be the something else.

so what is linux? if your computer is a calculator, the operating system is the math equation that decides when to do stuff. right? you’re siting at your desk, and you’ve got to decide that you need to do your math homework first because it’s due tomorrow, and you can do you art project later, because the teacher’s nicer.

So thats the fundimental difference, but there’s also a policy difference. in windows if I write code, for one, you can’t get windows code by googling it, it’s not shared, it’s not for everyone it’s for windows. but if I write something in linux,

it’s mine, it’s yours, we can all use it, not use it, make changes to it, leave it, charge money for it or give it away for free.

so how many of you people that use windows upgraded to windows 8? do we have much decission in what they do? with linuxa lot of the changing and the sharing has been about what linux looks like, and how it behaves, as well as when things get broken.

so that’s why i write linux, because I know that I can find the version of linux that I like and write something on it to make it better. When I was born in 1995, there was a discussion about what operating system to use in elementary schools. when people choose windows, macs and linux kind of tapered off. But I think that now more than ever Linux has all the capabilities that people could want for a computer.

use linux!