Cameron Whiting Public Speaking Josh House 9-12-2014

Get Excited: Linux

[Excited] Hi, my name is Cameron Whiting, and I’m very excited today. Why am I excited? Because the buggy development version of my software just started working two nights ago. You see, my computer has a new and different display server, or program that communicates pixels to the monitor. They made this thing that didn’t exist before and now they’ve got their own version, which is fantastic.

[viability/expo] Many people have discussed whether or not Linux could be viable in the past, but these things fail to look in the present. Linux, as an operating system, is the program that makes it easier for other programs to do stuff. It talks to the screen, listens to the keyboard, and usually includes programs like user management and python. Linux is just meant to be there, quietly, so sometimes we don’t know what amazing things are changing.

[ubuntu vs world] Ubuntu is creating an amazing way for people to write even better applications, they’ve created the Ubuntu-SDK (Software Development Kit). Other places (android, windows, OS X) have had these, but now Ubuntu has their own. This software is making leaps and bounds and is ready for people to use to create amazing things. I mean, Linux was already capable of doing this but now it’s incredibly prepared.

[fuck the system] I’ve become a bit of a Ubuntu freak, and I have to say, before I go any further, that Ubuntu does some things that I don’t like. They’re screwing with developers in tiny little ways, like creating “yet another separate package format” (bryan), or messing with the user interface with unity AND the new version of unity. And DON’T GET ME STARTED on other OS’s, many of them simply develop on their own machines and push it to sourceforge.

[options] But you know what’s good about having options? The ones that the developers like, they use. The ones that the users like, they use, and eventually, we get a working idea of what’s good and what’s not. The amazing thing about ubuntu is that I can choose where my software comes from, in a really beautiful interface. We have choice here, and little surveillance.

[post-snowden] One of the strongest reasons to get excited about Linux is that it doesn’t spy on you (unfortunately, in ubuntu, by default it fucks with you and searches go to amazon, but there’s a switch for that). Linux was one of the crucial tools for whistleblower edward snowden and reporters to communicate securely without being overheard. If you haven’t seen citizenfour I would encourage you to watch it. Not only does it not spy on you, but it’s used for hacking, application development, big data, small embedded devices, and the framework of the internet for years.

[college and the world] But why should a college student use it? German used to be the main academic language, until an upset changed that language to english. This is like the upset from Unix to windows. In any case, in an international world of big applications, it’s important to understand many languages, and Linux is a wide variety of exploding technologies especially in asia, where Ubuntu and other systems have taken off. The world uses it, and college students should be aware of this.

[freedom] Sometimes, when I say free software, that scares people because it’s free, as in you can’t get a job writing that software. This is false, but it’s important that we continue to call it free software because it focuses on freedom. It’s not open source software because lots of kinds of software will release the source code, but they won’t legally let you edit it freely.

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