We’re here in this lab to learn about encrypting email with mailvelope.

Your email travels the world like a postcard, search engines can read it and agregate it, targeting you. encryption isn’t perfect, and computers will eventually become strong enough to make it easy to crack, but it’s just a physical layer to make it harder for some person to mess with your mail, it’s just a thin envelope. [1][3]

The extension i’m using is called mailvelope, it works on firefox or chrome but I’m just going to use chrome for now. [2]

To install mailvelope onto your browser, go to “mailvelope.com” and scroll down to the extension. click on it to install, and you should see the little mailvelope icon in the right of your browser.

clicking on this will show you a menu of things to do with mailvelope. We’re going to select “generate key”. just fill out the form.

the password you use is for the key on your device. once we’re finished, we’re going to export this to our computer and save it.

exporting the public key is kind of like a padlock. just because you know the padlock, doesn’t mean you can unlock anything from it, but you can lock stuff with it.

we’re going to share this with our friend, in this case, my other email “[email protected]”.

now he can open his email, and using this extension he can add it.

if you can’t see anything, you’ll have to click the mailvelope button and click “add page”.

now we can see that we can add this key. it’ll do that for you.

let’s send a message to them! to send a message, go into your compose window, and click on the button over here. you can edit the email how you like, and then click either this sign button or the encrypt button.

if you sign it, it proves that it came from you, if you encrypt it, only they can read it.

then just hit transfer, and send.

if we open an email from them, we can tell it came from them, easy.

to find more keys, look up a key on keybase.io or on pgp.mit.edu

mine is “thetoxicarcade” or “cameron whiting” and it’s 74656A19

please give it a try! email me at “[email protected]” if there’s any questions I’ll take those now: packing peanuts clock arithmatic

[1] http://www.actionamerica.org/privacy/encrypt.html [2] http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/mailvelope-send-encrypted-emails-using-openpgp-encryption/ [3] http://www.tinhat.com/surveillance/secret_service.html [4] https://www.mailvelope.com/faq [5] http://lifehacker.com/5966787/mailvelope-offers-free-easy-to-use-pgp-encryption-for-gmail-outlook-and-other-webmail-services [6] http://blog.isaacdontjelindell.com/blog/2013/06/11/encrypt-your-email-with-mailvelope/