15” aluminum laptop with an e-ink display, backed with a solar panel. One usb-c-3.2 connector and a limited keyboard. (the glorified, low power, open source digital typewriter)

(see also /rogue/ and chip redesign for background.)


  • PCB board
    • physical 1ghz 1 core 64bit lowrisc CPU, or I guess another chip is fine…
    • 1gb ram
    • BIOS chip _(boot to SSD (libreboot if possible, but the SSD will have a FAT bios partition
    • clock & cap battery (if needed)
    • 4gb SSD replacable if broken? or will R&D happen fast enough you’d replace the device anyway?
    • usb-c in 3.2 mode, 5v capable output (power external hard drives) battery life…
    • keyboard interupt chip
    • charger controller (solar panel or usb-c)
  • aluminum frame (hinges, spring-slots for disassembly)
    • limited keyboard (5 rows, qwerty + nums + left/right side tab/caps etc.. think chromebook)
    • e-ink display (whatever I can git) (CPU runs it in text mode)
    • solar panel (possibly the bulky ones if the thin ones don’t supply enough power, backed by aluminum for strength)
  • lithium ion battery sizing? (connector cables to PCB board)


  • How would you put it together?
    • What software would you use?
    • What components would you use?
  • Who’s a good manufacturer?
    • what do you need to bring to them in terms of design?
    • minimum quantity?
  • What’s your guess on cost?
    • chip
    • board + embedded chips
    • panel + battery + display
    • frame (magnetic snaps?)

Put it Together

  • frame?
  • SiFive Unleashed Board (unaltered)
      • USB-C-3.2
      • 4gb onboard SSD
      • extra pins, etc
  • 13.3˝ ePaper Display (ED133UT2) & FPC Adapter
  • pick a compatible driving board… https://shopkits.eink.com/product-category/driving-board-2/ (ice) or arduino) - these probably won’t fit under 1cm…
  • battery?
  • solar panel?