I can’t do everything, can’t think of everything, and won’t do everything; That’s why I delegate ideas for help, advice, and sometimes as a job that I’d pay money to have someone else do. Please help me figure things out and I will compensate you in whatever way I can at the moment.

10 Cents

  • security: Documentation on CSPRNGs
    • I remember documentation on CSPRNGs showing that 2/3 of them were insecure. If you can share research or articles dictating which versions of this technology are secure, I’d love it.
  • IFTTT: Recipies for automation
    • I’m jumping on the “simplify processes” boat. If you know of ways to streamline productivity while maintaining security, open-source minded solutionism, and transparency, I’d love to hear your advice.


  • cohost: Youtube? Articles?
    • I’m always looking for people to help generate content. If you’d like to voice your opinion about something, just let me know and I’d love to have you aboard. My thoroughput won’t decrease, it’s just I would get additional help/insight from you.
  • rooting: Phones and Recommendations?
    • I like a rooted phone! Please help me root mine! It’s android 4.4.2, and my rooting environment will be Linux. What phones from what carriers should I buy in the future?


  • something: That I would pay you for
    • Description of the thing I’d pay you for