I’m unsure how I’m going to write this.

I had two dreams in the last two days. One of them was a nightmare, in which my parents were right. I have that from time to time, it’s a part of me, to worry that some part inside of me is caving in to them.

The other was a dream in which I was right, where I dreamed about my boyfriend for hours on end. I can sincerely say that I enjoyed the later more than the former.

For many reasons.

Garden’s Point is immense, in the dream scale. And that campus is around the size of my second dream, gigantic. Filled with other odds and ends that I came up with, drawing from my childhood “extended hogwarts stairs”, and “boardwalk world”, This site has to be my favorite place to dream of.

It also included Tom, hours and hours of me talking with Tom and his friend, peter. I chased after a boy I’ve been secretly liking for ages at this college, and I regained the trust I needed with Tom.

The old dream was scary, it involved stupidity and mormonism and angry people talking about guns or about being right religiously, it was about chiding me and was every form of uncomfortable and unreasuring.

But the second dream wasn’t. It was about how I could accomplish all of my dreams.

I woke up from the first one and actually made other people’s code work. I’m using the IDE right now and it’s bloody fantastic. I made such progress from that pit of despare and now I have only to thread the needle.

It gets tougher now that I’ve lost financial aid, but I will be able to take this semester free of debt.

Thand ( with Peter and Tom )

The problem is I’m forgetting the dream. The dream where a kid called Tom, or Tim, or Kiotsuto, ever existed. I’m forgetting.

A universal Quantum Leap. Something I’ve intentionally locked away. Something that the bad guys locked away from me as well, though I locked it from myself to protect it, or me, or someone else. Someone I love.

Or it’s all a trap.

Then again, I love traps.

And the only trap for which I can remember is the trap I’ve set for you.

Implesia ( with ene wiaii )

She loved Oliver. Oliver with the smile that just crushed her. Somehow, he found her, and though this alarmed her, and brought her from hiding, he was someone who was more powerful than her, and that was alright.

He had one scarf, and a pair of thick olive glasses. He spoke itallian (from Thand, different italian), and sailed everywhere and anywhere. Where others had stopped traversing, where the world had turned its eyes away, under the noses of corporations who could not detect them.

He wanted to travel to change things, and he wanted to bring her. He wanted a world where decisions weren’t based on fear, or hasty decisions from loyalty or how we were raised. A world created by people like him.

But even he was corruptable.

Aeri ( with Aelx )

For some reason, when Aelx would suddenly experience a clearer mind, when his ideations would peer into his life and view an inconsistency, something, someone would blur his vision.

People would be moved, things would become inconvenienced. He would never see people again, not because he couldn’t, but because he shouldn’t. There were always opportunities for people to vanish away, for him to never know if a person were who they say they are the next time.

And so, when he met Siam, he knew he had found a companion he could never get tired of, and would never have to abandon. Siam was a Gnesian Gecko. Wonderful creatures, I might add, though they were originally something just made by someone, in the year 20332 we allow for the line between artifact and entity to be blurred.

Oh, I’m sorry. Siam is a ghost. He builds himself somewhere else, and never remains the same, even his personality, his loyalty, he longs to be free. Unless you can keep Siam broken, he will always seek freedom.

Breaking something doesn’t have to appear cruel at face value. Siam stayed with Aelx because aelx cried. He felt guilty about it, and it affected his health, but by pretending, he could keep Siam, without harming him, or causing amnesia.

“Earth” ( with the professor and Maen Oron )