I recently went to my parents house, and any time I drive the road gives me time to think and try to structure more of the story. I filled in some plot holes and ramped up the backstory between some of the character motivations.

Thand ( with Peter and Tom )

Something about being able to hear someone’s voice just gets to me. Even if someone’s so inescapably distant, they’re just three seconds away on the echo of the microphone.

Did he really exist? Was he just someone here in Wenson who was pranking Peter out of his wits? Did Caleb actually exist? Who’s to say that it was all a prank by the party to get him to confess?

That laugh. He’d never get over that laugh. In the moment he had hardly thought about it, but he would never get over Tim’s smile, much less Caleb’s amazing laugh.

“Well, I have to go now, okay?”

Implesia ( with ene wiaii )

The crew was comray-ing back and forth with a group of friends, they wanted the girls at their home port to come over to the ship. It had been made all ship shape by the crew’s earlier efforts to make it presentable: many months in space meant the new recruits needed to appreciate you.

So when the old drunkards got kicked out, and they stayed at port for a while, Ene enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Or at least she thought she would.

She went over to a merchant’s family she remembered, to stop in and have something to chat about. She spent her time talking of deep space adventures and of how girls could be explorers just as much as any of the boys.

The twins loved her.

But the parents discouraged her with how much they continued to insist: while she were there, she should stay in her place, a gypsy outcast.

She left, for the open air, back to the ship, continuing to be a stow-away on life.

An argument startled her back into reality.


“Nem, I’ve told you for the hundreth time, I pilot it that way because it’s an inbuilt thrill of mine” Bert said.

“But you’re going to get us all killed” said Nem.

“LOOK OUTSIDE, Nem, look. You see those?” He pointed to the florescent violent swirls in the cosmos “Those are antimatter storms, from the currents of matter and the winds of energy. Sailors who don’t understand them perish at space” said Bert.

  • crew talk about antimatter storms

Aeri ( with Aelx )

When Aelx had a motorcar, he would drive it to clear his thoughts.

  • thinking on the ride home

“Earth” ( with the professor and Maen Oron )

Something out of the corner of his eye startled him. He… it… no… It was Luke, the boy he had dreamed about since before he had a soul.

Well, Maen had a different opinion than you or I about when he first had a soul, he thought his was from eight days after he turned 15, when he first met Luke Deval, the hacker boy he has always remained obsessed with ever since.

There are those people who awaken you. Those people who you say you get over, you lie to keep things going, but you never, ever forget them.

And Luke Deval was one of those people.

What if it was all a trick, he thought, what if I had been predestined into this life with fleating memories from some plot to make me behave in a predetermined manner? What if, on the other hand, I’m remembering glimpses of a past life, and the things I know aren’t really correct? What if Luke is just my life bleeding through the cracks?

I tried to get Luke’s number but it seemed the people in the dream world noticed me, like policemen in a casino, and made him go away.

  • hypno trick, someone from some place else