He stired in bed. He was being awkward around girls again. It was the movie theater, and girls expected so many odd things out of you that just didn’t ever make any sense. It was okay for him to be gender fluid but he prefered boys and he could never stop his mind from torturing him with the awkwardness of girls in a dream.

Then Kiosuto was in the dream. Kiosuto, the boy who he first met, his first friend, his first love, his first chance at everything and all the same only the beginnings of things. Niokii was there, he still went with them to the university, they had just talked a while ago. Niokii wore a bandana just like in the westerns and had long hair that he let run wild. Niokii had a girlfriend, but that didn’t matter, he was the best of comforts to see in the college. Something good from gradeschool.

And then the movie theater was all laughter. Not just that they as a group of friends could laugh, but that the entire movie theater didn’t care about the movie or what people expected them to behave like. They laughed, chatted, enjoyed themselves, and this is what made the world wonderful. They fistbumped when Kiosuto and him came to agreement, good old friends finding a common thread, “fedora FTW”, he said, and Kiosuto agreed. When he woke up he was sure his new friends wouldn’t like him saying that. But it didn’t matter, Kiosuto agreed with him.

Niokii left the movie theater to get something he had left in the car. Kiosuto and I held hands. And just maybe, while the dream is fuzzy, I think we kissed.