Something about flooring the gas. You can only go so far, and that’s only a linear action. You just can’t go beyond and people can’t seem to get that you’ve already gone beyond something. Life is much cooler, by far.

It was an engineered bike to be on the fringes of death. The bike’s engine was strong enough to shred the axle chain if it wanted to, and in order for you to come even close to this value you had to break the gas pedal with a loud SNAP that couldn’t be undone. Something that he made innevitably that sounded like some insurance scheme to deny himself of speeding, but in reality it meant the moment he snapped it he was probably being badass.

The first time he did it, (well, the only time he could do it) it wasn’t confident, it wasn’t practiced, and he was, well, running.

People who know the bike (or think they do, just because they were around when it was built) will say that he was scared, and he was only scared that he’d have to use it, that he wanted to, but didn’t, that it couldn’t be undone.

But he was running.

Now it was much different. Running from men with EMP guns on his motorbike’s VME engine, the foot pressed firmly and smoothly, the clutch shifted instantly when he wanted it to, and when he pressed the center stalk together, pulling himself to the hull of the bike, the electronics executed an intentional flip with the front wheel.

In case you were wondering, this is mighty handy to have on an automated bike.