This chapter got written amidst me trying to catch up on all my stuff, so unfortunately I didn’t comb through the other chapters (my usual) and it really doesn’t fact check everything. Anyway, I’m dumping ideas here to get back to them later.

Thand ( with Tom and Peter )

Seeing Tim with a new boy felt good, but it hurt all the same. They had been so good together, so young, foolish, but tim and him had been great together.

He didn’t even know much of what Tim did, but he and tim had once messed around. People looked at tim weird, but they just thought peter was misguided, the Longs were always impecable.

But he didn’t like thinking about himself as a Long.

He found Tim, one day, with his new boyfriend. It was awkward and he didn’t know if he should tell tim,

but he didn’t.

Implisca ( with Ene Wiaii )

She always sat with her for coffee. She was nervous at first, but being nervous became rediculous. She became better, at her job in the diner, and everyone would stop by and give her so much to love.

Life was different then what life used to be.

She lied when she wrote her letters back home. some of the time.

Aeri ( with aelx )

I know I’m in denial. The nonists and the materialists, a debate almost as old as sigma’s gates or elitism.

The argument of observation modifying reality uses an incredible amount of slippery slope logic and skips over facts to say that god must exist, that matter is all i the mind.

But such arguments don’t quite argue for themselves, they skip over facts, they have problems,

and I know I’m in denial,

and that’s okay.

“earth” ( with the professor and Maen Oron )

I write in a book, jenson.

I know, maen. I looked in your book.

I worry sometimes that I give in, that I let you look into my life and what I give away, I can’t get it back-

but somehow you want to give it

maybe it’s because I don’t think it’s complete, maybe… I don’t know.