Random inspiration (though I still have to clear up runons and political rants in the previous chapters) and a chance to break away from some plot inconsistencies, while showing you all a little human in each of the members of the little gang. I’ll possibly split each chapter into fours, to keep each character appart.

Thand ( with Peter and Tom )

“Come on Peter! Hurry up, you chicken.”

“Fine, fine. I don’t like this idea though.”

“what, it’s just a club. I know a friend there that’ll let us in for a few drinks and a couple dances. Might even get to DJ some.”

They stopped just before the entrance of the address, but something seemed wrong. Just as they were turning back a street thug with a leather jacket stopped them.

“hi, fellas. looks like you’re trespassing. If you’ll come with me…” He tried to grab peter’s wrist.

Tom shielded peter. “We’re not going anywhere!” He pushed the thug down and as he did he noticed a light behind his earing. “OH COME OFF IT WILLIAM” Tom said as he pulled the cloak-earing off of will’s laughing face.

“you guys totally fell for it!” william said laughing as he got up, william was taller than either tom or peter, maybe 23 years old, with a deep set beard, lightly curled brown hair, and had a wonderful winter coat on. Peter was rather impressed, and Tom gave him a glance of disapproval before grabbing his ass.

Tom helped will up. “So you said you can get us into the gyro?” said Tom, as he and Will fistbumped.

“well of course I can get you in. Master counterfeiter, lucias industries. and this must be your boyfriend peter!” He shook peter’s dumbfounded hand. “not much of a talker, eh?”

“Tom, you said a club, not the gyro

Tom noticed the concern in his voice “you’re going to see some real bois, besides, when have I ever danced for you?”

“You dance, but you don’t…” he looked at william “he doesn’t…”

William patted him on the back “Oh he dances alright. ha. he’s quite the stripper too if I remember right” He tapped tom’s impeccable six pack.

“Stay off the goods” Tom said friendly.

“and you both let me handle the goods. Here,” he placed cloaking earings on their ears, and gave them each glow-bracelets.

“so we’re prepared for a rave, I guess?”

“shut up kiddo!~ this is a havon radiation indicator. The more of the club drugs you’ve been exposed to, it changes from blue to red to green, and then they take you.

“and you haven’t…” tom said.

“I have” Will said, winking.

“whhaaat?” said peter, completely confused.

“well let’s go guys!” he motioned with a turn of his shoulder, walking them over to the correct club address.

( plot to continue )

Implesia ( with ene wiaii )

Sometimes, it hurts to look back at a past love. tucked away hidden between the mainenance bay’s insulated heating tanks, she could hear anyone approaching and then lift herself up into the piping to hide in the dark. ((later she finds a solution to keep herself up there))

She remembered him, curly hair, smile, the only thing she’d ever saved of his was his caribiner. She hardly even knew what happened after the drug fights. She thought he had died, she ran, she ran, and she cried her heart out.

And now she was sitting in an aux bay alone. People always ask for someone to be with them but the truth is she’d never been intimate with anyone else before in her entire life. Now that she’d finally experienced it, all the pieces of her life had gotten so much better. It was as if there was a hole,

but there wasn’t. She didn’t need him, she didn’t need anyone. She kept to herself in the rafters as sailors were cusing as only sailors do,

she caught herself, she was becoming like her father again. She had left because she didn’t like how her father had restricted her, had been the reason that she and luke couldn’t be together. He told her every day of her life that his way was the only way to be happy,

she believed him,

and she had to spend every single day of her life running away from the truth he had given her, an angry truth, that people want you to give in, to be mentally rewritten on a whim, to comply, to reafirm, to become whatever the clan deems necissary, and to never

ever step out of line.

Aeri ( with Aelx )

being on the run wasn’t always easy. There was a time before the catastrophy at the tian physics plant, before his world and his life were thrown into catastrophy, that Aelx once studied at a university.

Really not much was the same between the two. He had cooking supplies, and food, and living frugally was something that he liked to try.

that was completely different from now. Everything had two uses. You don’t need a steak knife if you have a pocket knife. you can prevent your wares from getting dirty by leaving them in a coffee mug measuring cup. You can scrape out a pan with the opposite side of a fork. It was things like this that made his life easier and he just came up with them in college.

But that’s different from now, remember. He had to come up with solutions to problems that he had never imagined. ((list cool ideas that I would never have come up with)).

“Earth” ( with the professor and Maen Oron )

note this section goes before!

so you’re saying that this boogie man, designated serial erases and postpones everything that you try to do, to keep you complacent within your world?

that’s precicely what I’m saying, professor. You put things off because you’re lazy, or you admit things, and who’s to say that you’re not in a motivational coma, being subconciously influenced to stay asleep?

This is borderline skitzophrenia you know, boy? People could medicate you for this, and lock you away, and you’d never be able to complete the things that you’d want to.

he smirked.

If they wanted to lock me up, wouldn’t they have already? Besides, sending me through the ringer, making me a martyr to be dug up by someone else reminds the world that different ideas, scary ideas, crazy man ideas are not something to be used as an excuse to lock away someone who threatens a government.

And certainly not when they’re in the legal right to make these accusations and bring evidence forward, if what I see before me is true, then Maen Oron, we must proceed with caution if we are to avoid the government agents and succeed in stoping their project

maen looked into the professor’s eyes


you still think i’m skitzophrenic.

well, of course I do. But doing this activity will improve your health.