I’ve been lazy on these chapters. Here’s what’s new, or really what’s old and you just didn’t know about it! (you can tell I love this whole backwards-chapter thing) so I’ve ironed out the details of where the characters are in the universe, and that helps me shift between character instances in some way.

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A history lesson, from Peter’s viewpoint.

Everything’s a game, especially when you’re in love. They were a beauty to see together. Peter and Tom had been through a lot, and each had a different take on the silly way they lived through life. They had been through so much until this point.

They started being activists, they asked for change with their government, to oppose the incoming Repant political ideology. Even if the oldist religions were wrong, they were better than what Repant would become, according to the archeological studies that Peter and Tom helped uncover.

Repant is the same ideology that destroyed Eon. Repant is a kniving double-think that is both concerned with the facts –and when the facts don’t match up, it disregards them. It fits none of the pre-established assumptions that any one man must have and accept about himself, the 18th dimension of the man.

The Repants had decided that political discidents within Thand had to go. In a landslide swing of parlimentary power, their current planetary cabinet of leaders was elected, and began exacting their secret plots throughout the planet. Thand had initially been renouned for its potential, but as it appears now, I have my personal doubts.


imagine the worst businessman ever. imagine the most powerful, untouchable, staunch businessman. Then ask yourself, why could this person come to power if he were not elected by the people? because the powerless are only powerful when they recognize it. With politicians, they have given the people the power. with buisnessmen? never. They must maintain the sense of order that without politics there can nowhere else be their power. So the people of Implisca created A.N.A.N., a republic whose very engineering would prevent the ingross of power and the powerful. Its citizens were aware and capable of shunning the bad uses of technology whereever they arised, capable of embracing alternatives and realizing that this world is not about complete agreement but rather about preventing powerful people from causing a freeze in innovation.

This is the governance that the Peats adopted, and it is also the governance that they understood within their bones. A governance is not only a system, it is a religion, it is a belief that fractilates itself into smaller and smaller components. One who is governed by a particular notion will begin to produce the results of that notion, giving that concept physical manifestation and strengthening it. Only when you actively choose to no longer be ruled by this notion are you able to counteract it. You must choose.


Why on earth would they have a flag? Didn’t they know what their country did to them? I guess since they’re an outpost it doesn’t make all that much difference what politics think of them, you really can’t change any of the decisions back on earth. Having a flag must remind them of home, or maybe an ideology that they can still hang on to, even if their commanding officers at nil’s tower really didn’t conform to any of the governance of the greats. Maybe he could have a flag just for the sake of pointing out the irony of what the territory’s nation had become, Aeri, planet of the nations of Earth…

but really it was just a planetary explosion waiting to finish, frozen in time, half of the planet gone, suspended in non-existance, the poor and those seeking wealth under the surface both lived out their pathetic existence there, undermining the very underpinnings of their fragile existence.

(tip of my tongue)


the gas giant would have been in full view this morning, if you weren’t stuck in a perpetual winter. Half of the planet, frozen stiff. The rich conquesters left their planet to find the resources they lacked, to find new riches and faster trade routes.

This was normal for the professor, and he bundled up in his bearskin coat for the walk to his study across the sunken stake bridge. The new technology was what would have inspired transportation across the borders of the dying world, bringing prosperity and ending world hunger.

That was before the wars.

on his way across the mataea-insaea (MI) repulsors, he noticed something jammed inbetween them underneath it. an hourglass. he took out his pocket watch and started the glass at twelve, patiently waiting, looking through his half-spectacles to time it just right.

“hourglass - 48 seconds. What on earth would somebody need an hourglass like this for? it makes no sense. What on earth needs to happen in 48 seconds?

he dropped the hourglass in his arthritic hands and bent down with the help of his cane to pick it up, and something under the snow caught his eyes.

footprints? he uncovered a greasy black footprint, the pad of the foot clearly visible. Someone without shoes was here, too.