Spoilers. a lot of spoilers. This book is written back to front, so you’re going to get lots of information you probably shouldn’t.

Thand ( with Peter and Tom )

Back on Thand, again then…

“I’M OUT!” Peter screamed at Tom. The swarm started to gather again. They ran. The S.M.E.C.H. chased after them in a rusty cloud, it was useless to run away from nanobots.

They ran through the bridges, across the beach, when they suddenly both got caught in a fish net.

The smech attacked them, and in agony they both struggled to move on, Tom reached into his pocket and pulled out a shotgun round-


Tom shot him with a Reya, and peter felt the weirdest feeling, he suddenly felt colors pouring in, he could hear shapes, and he knew he was going to be alright.

The smech gave up, and as they did, Tom lay dying. Peter took a knife and cut the bullet out, punching it into his pistol and shot it into Tom’s leg,

the rust left Tom’s body, and peter heard the shapes go quiet, and the colors moved past his senses. He turned pale from loss of blood and passed out.

implisca ( with ene wiaii )

Two years earlier

The shipyards were mostly empty, she needed to stow away. They were kind, the old seamen, but she was a woman nontheless, and it was 5 weeks in space between Implisca and Proteus.

Her little skiff fit nicely in the pile of junk that composed the cargo. This was space trash, Peats turned merchants would convey Havent-radiation laden space trash, nobody knew where the trash went, but that’s the Peat’s secret.

She looked at the radiation readout on the aux bay, she wasn’t exposed to much radiation, which didn’t matter much to a peat, they were imune, but if she had radiation in her system she could never share a drink with a sailor, or that sailor might plop dead.

“well at least we know I can still go on a date if I wanted to” she thought, looking at herself in the reflection of the mirror before entering the maintenance bay to find a place to sleep.

Aeri ( with aelx )

They really were the stupidest pair, the twins. They should never have signed up to be security, they were absolutely no good. Or maybe that was aelx’s anecdote?

“what’s this thing?” said Greg, squinting at the lizard he had in his hand, looking at him so close that the gecko licked him. He cried out in pain and handed it over to Erving.

“a lizard, stupid” said Erving. He shoved Greg down, but greg caught himself and both of the scrawny security guards fought in the rust.

ha. Looks like they’ll stay occupied - though aelx as he let his gecko crawl back to him patiently, then crawl past the guards just as they started searching for their lizard again.

“where’s our gravity bot? why don’t we look for the lizard with that? I want one. I want a lizard.” Erving agreed and dug around in their shop to find the controls for their gravity bot.

“earth” ( with the professor and Maen Oron )

I need to look over the facts again. He came to this archway, but why did he decide to sleep here?

He looked through his smartphone for the footprints he’d recovered. something was up. The man with nothing in his pockets had slipped something past him.

HE WAS WALKING BACKWARDS THROUGH THE HOUSE the balding man exclamed just as he turned around to see a boy with blonde hair and a thick scarf.

“Who are you and why am I valuable to you.” Said Maen Oron.


“Maybe it’d be simpler if I told you straight out, I’m not the man you’re looking for”

“What? but,” the man looked down on his phone and swiped through to find the photo he was looking for, the kid looking directly at the camera from inside the chapel bell tower “ you are. here, see?”

But the man was gone.

All of these events happened the day before (the novel is backwards)