Hey there. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a server online, so I suppose I’ll pull back up a repo or two. Funny story about that.

I used git-stitch-repo a while back to merge a lot of dead code, and, well, it might have deleted a lot of it. (shoulda used subdirectories) (and backed up).

Currently, those repos are:

  • gh:cosc - CoSci: classes, grades, plans, transcripts, out of school learning
  • gh:BritishQueue - AristaTek internship: Flask/Celery/Mapnik/Selenium behemouth (without the C#)
  • gh:toxik - lots of the old blogs, projects, contracts, old code
  • gh:HackCamera - mentoring files for the Laramie Robotics Club
  • gh:congredi/gh:ac - Cryptography project. Possibly my favorite.

Other ones just involve forks.