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user-funded modern open infrastructure that respects privacy

Failure Operations is a security and ethics focused software development company. We provide hosted products as well as consulting on your next project.

  • Dev-Forward your git hosting with our managed CI/CD, FailOps
  • Outsource your dev with our open-source only OWASP consulting. Oops
  • Federate your git instances with cross-host search indexing.Armistice
  • Round robin collaborate to change the world with our mobile app. Rare
  • Save your favorite desktop as an ISO. Desk
  • Watch us build an operating system from scratch. PECS
  • And yes, we’re a real company.

We’re a straightforward software company. We bill what it costs to take care of servers and ongoing dev, and don’t care what you do with it (so long as it ain’t spam).

We provide modern devops or CI/CD based code that is resilent and ethical. From our cloud orchestration to custom linux distros saving all your settings, our funding comes from building something we know you’ll love, not spying on you for someone else. Best of all, at $2/month (plus any deployment servers), we hope you’ll find a Failure Operations subscription worth your while!


Deploy code, knowing the whole stack stays open, forever. As we expand the features in the FailOps cloud, you’ll know that you can migrate off our FailOps hosting at any time. Access to our FailOps instance is included in your F/O subscription and all servers deployed on the VPS of your choice are billed at cost. Git init your project today!

Outsource, Open Source!

Get OWASP-compliant, agile code built using our Oops outsourced devops. Use Oops within your existing team, or let us build a team for you. Be aware that Oops dev is only available for projects under an open source license. Let’s get chatting and make you a quote! (Dev is at $20/hour currently as I’m a busy college student. Later, I’ll raise it to market rates.)

Distribution Matters

Searching code across self hosted git servers is made easy by running an Armistice instance. F/O provides forked versions of GOGS, Gitlab, Hound, and Gitea that make use of our webhook-based federated search index. Simply enable indexing on the source (at the repo or instance level), and enable searching at the destination instance. Makes the world a little closer, huh?

Taking Turns, Collaborating

Changing the world is easier when you work as a team. Help solve big problems by using our round-robin style app, Rare, to curate ideas and divide tasks between your community. Hopefully, that makes the trouble of finding great ideas a little more rare.

The save-button for distros

Hate re-installing linux distros with your prefered apps and settings? Use Desk to manage your own custom ISO, on our website, using a GUI, or simply from the command line. Package lists, configuration, and a small amount of files can be stored at no additional charge (ISOs are built at download), or if you’d like larger custom packages, we can use your prefered storage provider. We hope this keeps your fresh installs in the tip (desk)top of shape!

Build (x) From Scratch

Here at Failure Operations, we love learning. We’re currently building a custom operating system, PECS, as the smallest possible codebase for a kickass purpose built template. Want an OS that handles network downloads through torrenting? A ZFS-like fileystem? Secure MultiParty Computation? We’re making that! (We’re… also building our pecs.. I don’t have a pun for that).

PECS development is supported by your F/O subscription.

No, Really

Failure Operations is a real, bona fide company. We actually want to change the world with tough code and caring humans. It might be inadvisable to run a company that charges money, can be forked, and doesn’t monetize users, but that’s exactly what we do.

Our mission is to further extend security, helping others build ideas faster, and make money the honest way, no compromises. As soon as we’re the ones who write source code to an API, it’s an open one (can’t say much about APIs we use in the meantime…).

We respect that you chose us, and openly share how we do things to stay accountable. We work to build on-par services, not to keep you on one centralized platform. We hold ourselves, our subcontractors, and our hosts to a high standard of ethical behavior, because it matters. We’re here to pick up the slack and fight for your rights.


Similar values include Redecentralization, Radical Transparency, Security Open Box, & the right to repair.

Redecentralization means: control, efficiency, choice, resilience, availability, privacy, security, competition, forking

simplified url plan
  • Wear your passion on your sleeve. Now is better than never. Don’t self-censor
  • Respect the user’s privacy.
  • Be Transparent, Specific, Explicit.
  • Be Determined, Independant, and Tough, but Pessimistic.
  • Work in a flexible, async, adaptable way.
  • Constant, Sustainable pace matters. attention to excellence.
  • code should be free, not caged.
  • you are what you document. Readability Counts.
  • Collaboration rocks. “Build projects around motivated individuals. Give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done.” - Agile
  • Maximize the amount of work not done (Agile). Deploy when it’s right (or even never, Zen of Python)
  • don’t make me think.
  • How you know what you know. Don’t Guess, Test.
  • Regularly tune everything. Iterate. Replace. Respond to Change. It’s okay to reinvent, refactor, or throw out ideas.

  • muckraker, agile, redecentralize
  • ethical companies: auditable, redecentralized, privacy, choice
  • contained/prebuilt simple/small capable resilient, secure easy to manage safe to use