I liked watching this latest Vox video on “The roots of america’s democracy problem”, which reminded me of videos from CGPgray regarding the subject of representative democracy.

see also, the Friend Party, a political agenda for those aims.

In that spirit, I’d like to present some rough draft thoughts.

fill in later.

Ezra’s points

I do agree that the constitution may be different from what we would want. It could stand to have some improvements. Representation, archaic compromises, and simply redrafting the document would be nice.

The ideal constitution criteria addressed by the historian was:

  1. Maintaining Democracy
  2. Protecting Rights
  3. Ensuring Fairness
  4. Encouraging Consensus
  5. Providing a government effective at solving problems

Problems with the current system, Fixes

1:50,000 people

shortest-splitline + multiple seats, efficiency gap throw-out, isopermetric quotient

  1. Democracy to be maintained by:
  2. compulsory voting, mailed out to everyone
  3. compulsory education in how government works 3.
  4. Rights to be protected by:
  5. a rights document
  6. Fairness to be ensured by:
  7. representation (1:50,000)
  8. multi-candidate districts
  9. ranked choice voting, jungle primaries, paper ballots
  10. Consensus to be encouraged by: 1.
  11. Effective Problem solving by: 1.

Friend Constitution


Society learns and grows as time goes on, and so, to, does goverment. We have conquered many new things and become far more interdependent than before, allowing for specialization and the focused study of new problems and new horizons. It is important that we foster this continuing growth by safeguarding the processes shown to help us succeed.

In this document, we set out to change our way of governing for the better. We set out to make our government representative, to modernize the rights and duties of our citizens, and to set the course of a government we wish to have.

Representative Government

These citizens choose to be represented by: a bicambrial congress, an executive, and a judicial branch. The same language for the selection of such applies (copying/rewording/lawyering is annoying).

However, we choose to have a house with one representative per every 50,000 people, no matter the size of the house.

We choose to have compulsory elections conducted by mail and in person, with the districts for such elections each containing a minimum of 3 representatives, such that a district that is ideologically split by a percentage may more closely represent that percentage. The maximum representatives for a district shall be 5.

Such districts shall be chosen by shortest-splitline algorithm, and shall then be assessed or thrown out by efficiency-gap analysis. Should the demographics of a particular district not fit the mandatory efficiency-gap, the number of representatives will be increased or decreased, or two districts within the same state will be combined into a longer list of representatives for that census year. If none of these solve the efficiency gap it shall be declared “broken” for that year, but still able to vote, just won’t fix it.

Modernized Rights

In a modern, rich, democratic society, the rights we should grant our citizens have changed. Among those new rights include concerns for our increased population, our connections to other countries, and our wealth as a society.

With our massively larger population, it is important that gun rights be removed, and clarified to be of two permits: a recreational, non-conceiled, permit; and a defensive, conceiled, permit. Such permits will have different duties and freedoms, authorizing the holder to different weapons.

With our connections to other countries it is important to stress peace and trade that will benefit the people of both countries, not just the companies or individuals on either side. It is important to grant rights and access to guests from all nations, from safe conduct to the opportunity of employ and residency.

As a wealthy society, our government has the ability to provide for public education, housing, food, transportation, and medical care to those who cannot access it. It is our government’s ability to bargain as a single buyer for healthcare towards its patients, and fund research into drugs to provide them. It is its duty to provide unrestricted, fair access to the internet.

Taxation is a part of paying for such government. It is valuable to tax at a gradient that matches the standard deviation one is away from the income of the average citizen, such that incredibly rich people cease existing. It is also valuable to have less exemptions and sponsorships of industries or items. Taxation should be simple and billed by the government. Many forms of insurance should be simple and billed by the government (additions may be provided by private industry)

Our Course

This new government strives to be an example for the better. In such a country it is important to be tolerant, to respect no belief above another, and to function such that it remains durable long into the future.

The paradox of intolerance addresses that to be tolerant, one must not tolerate intolerance. It is therefore necessary that some speech be restricted, but only in such ways that it leads to actions. One may speak, but others are not required to listen. Some speech may endanger others.

It is wrong to address a particular religion (i.e., “under god”), or to have a pledge at the beginning of events. It was mildly over-patriotic in our fear towards others. In such a modern, international society it is better to be patriotic by acting within government, not professing one’s love by song. Belief must never come before facts, and the concepts of science and statistics and philosophy must be understood at a basic level by all citizens.

We as a people must act to make our democracy last far into the future. It must remain free of infulences such as invasions, coups, autocrats, billionares, deep-fakes, and terror. Such problems are complex and require an exchange of ideas, just as other problems did.

Post Script

Good Luck.