I’ve had lots of ideas that failed from lack of time or dedication. From trying to do reporting, to starting a computer science mentoring charity, it’s been fun. What goes wrong? Well..

Being busy with school and work will do ya. But that doesn’t mean one can’t chip away at goals on the brief moments when off from work and school.

So, given that, what are the goals and resources (mostly time), to do them?

Making a Difference

  1. Survive college & adult life

School is online for one class, and in person on another. Studying will be the primary thing with free time when not working. Monday Through Friday, there’s the two jobs for morning and lunch, beginning at 8:00 and ending at 2:30. The last job, currently dishwashing and eventually cooking (got to cook a few times!) is from 5 to 11, later from 5 to 10.

  1. Build an Open Source company that treats users fairly

Failure Operations is getting its first contract, which is nice. Defining the business model is tough. Mostly, hosted APIs at $2/month and contracting at $20/hour (later, market value at $60-$90 for security things, with a degree and loads of clients in the portfollio?). Example code that works probably plays into that.

  1. Offer Pro Bono services

Either half-off programming or free hosting, something to give back and make a difference in the world.

  1. Team Up

Get cofounders, form a co-op, and possibly join a co-op of co-ops, depending on their missions and whether they’re changing the world.