Seeing as things have moved around a bit, let’s get some temporary stuff online! The original code is being moved to a terraform & kubernetes setup, but while that’s happening, it’s probably good to keep in touch.

My projects are as follows:

  • Failure Operations codebase
    • (devops workflow)
  • Speculative fun stuff
    • Armistice (hound code search, but based on event hooks, for federated gitlab/gogs instances)
    • PECS (Pessimistic Engineered Compute System) - full datacenter OS project
  • Old stuff
    • Congredi (peer to peer voting stuff)
    • cosc (old assignments)
    • desk (old autoconfigure scripts)
    • ParityPad (variable-length padding scheme - think AEAD / AONT)
    • Pordego (port knocking, because fun)
  • Steel Wool codebase
    • PlacedMutters - IP packet forgery for DDOS testing (memcached reflection)
    • CareLeak - password leaking utilities (grub-luks, GDM, etc modified)

Orgs I toyed around with:

  • WYCSMentors (behind on re-filing charity fees)
  • Steel Wool (hacking stuff)
  • Medium Rare Studios (Kauzoj –an older news project of mine– 2.0)
  • Cavenda Timore (Tor group “Student” 2.0)


  • Code:
    • lifecycle (
    • contracting (
    • design (PECS)
  • News:
    • hacking (Steel Wool)
    • reporting (Medium Rare)
    • whistleblowing (Cavenda Timore)


  • Dishwashing / Bus Driving
  • Enroll in UWyo (after a year away from school)


There are several fronts to conquer. I don’t expect to have remote employment options or programming gigs like I used to have, though I’ll keep looking. Writing code will probably be delayed during the school year, but more rigorous because of the insanity of doing nothing for days currently.

The Plan

Fronts: A) Money B) Projects C) Education D) Personal.

Money: Reduce expenses, increase income, get cushion, don’t stop paying loan.

  1. find suitable roommate / apartment gig. Don’t move if they’re anti-lgbt
  2. do some minimal one-off gigs, get portfolio website online again
  3. get distance from $0 again. a few months distance.
  4. teamwork on paying the loan interest with folks.

Projects: thread them, do one road-block per day, show off

  1. get F/O, PECS, & M/R online as focuses. Armistice & Congredi would also be fun.
  2. Regularly write about projects.
  3. Weekly video updates - get to writing scripts again.

Education: focus courses to specialization, proceed with good financial options

  1. Mathematics, CEDAR, Defence Against The Dark Arts
  2. get lower student loan rates
  3. Summarize components from courses, write examples

Personal: Gym, medications, diet, relationships

  1. Get gym included (gosh, wish it was free like LCCC…)
  2. Possibly cave and get low dose concerta.
  3. Alter diet for study / exercise, record data
  4. Push forward on relationship, kick ass.

Am I Forgeting Anything?

Hmmm. Oh well.

I’ll need to write about pride, stuff over the summer, etc. :)